Take Me To The Lakes

Last summer, I had free time and decided to create and manage a Taylor Swift fan page on Facebook. This project, while obviously done for my own enjoyment, ended up being a valuable learning experience in social media management. Over the duration of this project, my page (which can be viewed here.) got 249 likes and 511 followers, all gained organically.

Keeping up with the page involved creating a week’s worth of content (with 2-3 posts a day) that I scheduled in advance using Meta Business Suite. About 2/3rds of the content I created myself, the other 1/3rd was popular content other people shared (that I credited to them.) I was sure to leave room in my schedule for unprecedented events that may come up, for instance, if something related to Taylor Swift made the news I would post about that. I also replied to comments and any direct messages.

Below is a gallery of some graphics I designed for the page:

Facebook Page Creation

Using my knowledge of Facebook pages, I do freelance page creation. For a set fee, will I design a cover photo (typically using Canva) to match the client’s logo. If they don’t have a logo, I will design one for them. I fill in the “about” info, set up a CTA button leading to the client’s website (via the Facebook action button feature), reorganized the tabs to feature the most relevant ones, and add “services” if necessary. I will also add a page username if the client has one in mind. After the page is complete, I turn the reigns over and see if there are any questions or anything that they’d like changed.

Instagram Management & Graphics

I have created, managed, and developed content for two Instagram accounts. The first account, @annieharleyauthor, is my professional author account. The second, @lfcaimpact_youthg, is a local youth group’s Instagram. I no longer manage the youth group account, however, I still manage the author account infrequently.