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protect her

Charlotte is a run-away-found, discovered miles away from where she lives and dumped right back into her abusive home. Dealing with her brutish father, lingering feelings for her ex, and the ever-growing need to protect her little sister, Charlotte must finally learn that she cannot fix everything.

(mild language and violence – 14+)

“I thought it had a high level of realism,”

Maria Perez, Senior Projects teacher at Girard High School

“Amazing first publish. Great potential.”

Amazon Reviewer

Island Girls

Leia lives with her family on an island in the middle of the Pacific. When her mother suspects she may be pregnant, the group must once again try to get the attention of the Mainlanders. Leia, however, is skeptical of these peoples’ supposed existence. How could there be anything out there other than her island and the great blue ocean? In an enlightening journey to uncover her past, Leia must face things long forgotten and ultimately embrace her truth. Island Girls will take you on an emotional adventure you won’t soon forget.

“This book was so LOVELY, so captivating. I read it in one sitting. The style was free and elegant. I was pulled into the story immediately,”

Keturah Lamb, Author

“I loved the simple, open writing style, and the storyline. While not complex, it felt satisfying and the conclusion was lovely.”

Annie Louise Twitchell, Author

A lovely anthology I am included in from writers to writers:

for the love of a word

A collection of love letters to creative souls.

For your inspiration and encouragement.

“There is a strange beauty in this lonely work; to create is to realize my connection with things greater than myself, and soon enough the work is not lonely at all, but blessed and beloved.”

Featuring the words of sixteen writers, For the Love of a Word is designed to encourage, inspire, and uplift you in your journey.

“Seriously, if you are a writer suffering from doubt or fear, get a copy of this and read one letter a day, or all at once.”

Cathrine Bonham

“Relatable, sad, inspiring, heart touching words filled this beautiful little book.”

Rebekah Lewis

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